"I would like to thank this creative team for enabling my presentations all of which are in different subjects and topics and for leading visual effectiveness to another point which is valuable as the contents itself of my works and for reaching respective people in an original and effective manner. We have a lot to tell together."

Çisem ABATAN | Industrial Engineer, Msc / ENERJİSA

"We would like to thank your team for supporting stance of our company in the sector with innovative technologies of which you produce the alternative for our vision and presentations transferring the content in an effective manner and for always questioning the audience, content, main message to be delivered of our presentation."

Canan TAŞAR | HTC Country Manager

"We came across when we do not know what to do. They lead the way and support us with their ideas and creativeness. We would like to thank the entire Proprez team for preparing the presentation of our imagination within a short period of time as 3 days. We hope to cross path again..."

Egemen URAL | Electronics Engineer / Arçelik-LG Klima

"Proprez is the agency that keep its customer at the most comfortable level to date and provide more immediate solutions than the emergency itself, adding art to the simplest works and artful works to function, know no s of stress, v of violence, n of nervousness."

Alper AKYÜZ | Marketing Manager / HAMLEYS

"I would like to thank all of the team players of Proprez which is always a positive power for us with visionary approach and creative designs and devoted works and for leading the way which we move quickly to reach our targets."

Mehmet YAMAN | Director / INTERFIKS Yapı Kimyasalları

"I believe that one of the most important factors for a brand to move forward with correct communication strategies is that Advertising and PR agencies work in harmony. I would like to thank Proprez team that we are very pleased to work for a long time as a business partner; for their harmony, trust, visionary approaches, reasonable solutions and creative designs that they present for all of the works that we have done together."

Ece EZGİMEN | Public Relations Consultancy / ETC Creative Works

"Proprez is a compass that keeps the adventurous sailors of ocean out from the hard rocks... Proprez is a flagship to make a landing to overseas by the captainship of Mr. Talha... Proprez is a competent team to have a great pleasure from what they are doing... You deliver your works and Proprez cares it as it is their children and you drink your tea peacefully."

Asaf Osman | Entrepreneur

"Proprez team that we worked together through company presentation that we prepared for the World Soda Ash Conference, set the world on fire with great works. They have carried out impressive designs in different subjects from the leaflet that introduces our company to our guests to package designed for the molasses obtained from our grapes in the Eti Soda Örnek Vineyard. We will continue to add value to our brand with this creative and solution oriented team that reaches their peak point in our new web page design."

Meryem KEŞKÜŞ | Customer Relations Officer / ETİ SODA

"Proprez is a team that understands what we would like to tell and highlight so easily and tells it in a very clear and effective fashion. Fast and creative. They reflect their positive energies on you with their work. Thank you for not letting me down for the people that I recommend you. The most beautiful thing is that people like it and thank me saying " It's really nice" after your works. "Bon voyage""

Özer KARALAR | General Manager / ÖZKA Endüstriyel Çözümler

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